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Straight-talking Aussies have unleashed on the MG3, a Chinese-made car that's soaring up the sales chart across the country thanks to its very low price.

A Facebook user wrote a scathing review of the MG3 to the page 'Sh*t Cars of Australia', which can be purchased for $18,990 drive-away, which is the cheapest price for a new car in Australia.

The Facebook page has blown up in popularity as hundreds of Aussies share their rough motoring experiences and post detailed reviews of the cars they've driven - and they often make for hilarious reading.

MG last year became a top ten car brand in Australia and in July was the nation's seventh most popular marque ahead of Subaru and Nissan, Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries data showed.

The MG3 hatch is now the best-selling car in its light car segment.

The car comes in three specifications, the Core priced at $18,990, the Core with navigation at $19,400 and the Excite, which retails for $20,490.

The man said he had been 'unfortunate' enough to take the Excite model for a test drive and quickly determined that he and the car were incompatible.

Straight-talking Aussies have unleashed on a car currently taking the country by storm as one driver describes the vehicle as a 'truly hateful car' (pictured, the MG3 Excite in white)

One MG3 owner described it as a 'truly hateful car' and said people were better off buying a second-hand car. Pictured is a stock image of a man in a car

'The salesperson told me she didn't think I would like it when she gave me the keys to the demo Excite model, so we weren't starting off well,' he said in the review.

The man explained he was around 177cm tall and 'not a giant', but struggled to find a comfortable position in the hatchback.

'The 1.5 engine and 4-speed auto deserves to be in hell. It's slow, and I mean slow. I can only compare it to a 1.2 Kia Picanto, but even that felt better.

'But by far the worst thing for me, I couldn't get the seat to lower, nor could I get the steering wheel to go high enough for me to get even remotely comfortable,' he said in the review.

'Not to mention the rattles that a car with 50km shouldn't have,' he said.

The car enthusiast complained there was only one cup holder, no digital speedometer, and the sun-visors were too small.

'The plastic on the A-Pillar is so poorly fitting that it doesn't line up with the windscreen properly,' he said.

He said that in 2019 the MG3 Excite was selling for $17,490 drive away.

'The exact car is now $20,490. It hasn't been updated, or refreshed. It's just had its price hiked up. I told my friend it was a sh*t heap and went back to the dealer.

For most of its history, MG was associated with British open-top roadsters but that changed with the collapse of Rover in 2005, which saw the Chinese state-owned SAIC group take over (pictured is Scottish actor Ewan McGregor with a classic MGA from 1962)

'In conclusion, if the MG3 was $12,990 drive away, I would absolutely buy one. Because it's so cheap, who cares?

'Drive the wheels off it, and send it to the wreckers when it's stuffed. But there is no way on earth that I would spend $21,000 on this car.'

The man who wrote the review on Facebook,  told Daily Mail Australia 'if you take the MG badge off them they are just a cheap Chinese-made car that's similar to a 2004 Hyundai Getz'. Pictured is a Facebook message from the man to Daily Mail Australia

The man told Daily Mail Australia the car's popularity was down to the reputation MG earned in the 1960s as the makers of a classic English sports car.

For most of its history, MG - also known as Morris Garages - was associated with British open-top roadsters, but that changed with the collapse of Rover in 2005, which saw the Chinese state-owned SAIC group take over.

Since then, MG has become synonymous with budget SUVs and hatches made in China - a far cry from its 1924 origins as a sports car badge.

'It's based on the badge,' he said.

'If you take the MG badge off them, they are just a cheap Chinese-made car that's similar to a 2004 Hyundai Getz.' 

A man has issued a scathing review of the MG3 Excite under the alias (seen here in blue), which can be purchased for $20,490 drive-away to the satirical Facebook page 'S*** Cars of Australia'

Another motorist who asked to remain anonymous, described the MG3 Excite as a 'truly hateful car' and said people were better off buying a second-hand car, during an interview with Daily Mail Australia.

'There is a place for these types of cars, for people who want to get from A to B and don't really care for a car or a brand,' he said.

'However, to charge $21,000 for a car of this quality, you would be better off buying a second-hand Corolla, Yaris or Mazda 2.

'They are what I feel a very expensive disposable car that has been disguised as something cheap and cheerful.'





Chinese car company reveals its plans to take over the... Chinese-made car DOUBLES sales in 2021 and became the 9th...

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MG has previously said buyers also didn't care that it was Chinese owned and Chinese built - and that sales are soaring accrross the country because the vehicle has an seven year unlimited kilometre warranty

An MG spokesperson told Daily Mail Australia that in becoming the number-one seller in the segment, it has beaten its new vehicle rivals.

'The continued popularity of the MG3 is testament to how many Australians have found this model to suit their needs both in style and performance,' he said.

'Additionally, for peace of mind, the MG comes with a comprehensive seven-year unlimited kilometre warranty and access to more than 100 dealers around Australia and New Zealand.'

Danny Lenartic, MG Motor's general manager of electric vehicles in Australia and New Zealand, told Daily Mail Australia earlier this year he expected the marque to be a big part of Australia's automotive future.

Mr Lenartic said buyers understand that cars are designed in many different parts of the world today. 

'Country of origin to me today isn't as important to buyers as the core values of the brand,' he said.

'The MG history has always been a value brand, so it's always been the affordable sports car, that's how it gained its popularity.

'Realistically, the core values of MG haven't changed. For me, we've held on to that identity.'

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